Code of Ethics

İnci Group has reached to its present position through owning up to its values from the past together with its visionary approach towards the future. The most valuable asset of İnci Group is its reputation, which is embraced and preserved by its employees.

This valuable reputation is essentially comprised of integrity, righteousness and reliability that are integral to our common values; especially our meticulous approach in carrying out our business accurately and transparently.

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Youcan directly ask for help and support from our Manager and Ethical Committee, for the unrealized and doubtful issues.

You may call the independent phoneline: 0 (212) 401 37 87  

You may send the written notifications to the independent e-mail address: inci@etikhat.com

Additionally you may send our notifications via the address www.etikhat.com by using the fallowing user name and password.

  • Username: etikinci
  • Password: inci1952