Cevdet İnci Ed. Found

Cevdet İnci Eğitim Vakfı (Cevdet Inci Educational Foundation), has been established by the decedent Cevdet INCI on February 1, 1985. It has been exempted from taxes with the Decree of Council of Ministers No: 2008/13848 dated 23.06.2008.


To provide scholarship to consistently successful students, who lack financial possibilities; to built student hostels, schools and training facilities; and to supply educational appliances schools with the intention to serve for our country’s struggle to reach modern education level.


İNCİVAK’s earnings include; the income earned from agricultural products including olives, olive oil, citrus fruits, plums, pomegranates grown in the groves in Aydın-Sultanhisar which were donated by our founder, the decedent Cevdet INCI; rental income; income from participations; the income earned from products and services produced by the Cevdet İnci Educational Foundation Commercial Enterprise which was established to provide income to the foundation; as well as conditional and unconditional donations.

İnci Vakfı is exempt from taxes; therefore donations up to 5% of the annual income are exempt from taxes.

Bank Account No: İş Bankası Ege Kurumsal Şube TR47 0006 4000 0013 3990 0248 63

For more information:www.incivak.com