Companies of Inci Holding are Rising

Companies of Inci Holding are Rising

 Inci Holding, announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry 'Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises' list continues to take place with the participation of three. Battery giant Inci GS Yuasa made the biggest leap in the last 5 years this year and managed to climb 46 steps compared to the last year. While Inci GS Yuasa settled in 265th place after this jump, Maxion Jantas rose 40 steps to 380th, Maxion Inci Wheel rose 14 places and made it to 115th place.


01 June 2018

With 66 years of long history of serving the development of Turkey's economy, Inci Holding is continuing their work to that of the nine subsidiary in four different sectors including automotive industry. Inci Holding, with Maxion Wheels Inci, Inci GS Yuasa and Maxion Jantaş this year, is among the Turkey's top 500 industrial companies. Among the holding companies that have achieved a successful growth momentum, Inci GS Yuasa, the export leader of the battery industry, achieved the greatest increase in the last 5 years. This year, the battery giant ranks in the 265th by rising 46 steps, taking place within the 500 industrial establishments. The Maxion Inci Wheel, which is among the first 250 companies, ranks 115th by rising 14 steps and Maxion Jantas in 380th by rising 40 steps.

 Inci Holding Chairman Nese Gok; "As Inci Holding, such a respectable list of our associates' rapid rise is a source of pride for us. Turkey's 500 largest holding among large organizations connected to our group company located in Inci quality and emphasizes the importance and value of our industry as well as reveal the brand value.

 As Inci Holding, we always aim to be more advanced. In this context, I would like to point out that we will continue our path by adding the innovations we have achieved so far. Our qualified human resource, R & D and our power in the field of technological transformation are the most important guarantees for achieving our goal of innovative management without any comprehension in terms of sustainability of our performance. As added value we create on behalf of the development of Turkey, Inci Holding will continue to increase in the coming years, "he said.