Export Champion of Aegean

Export Champion of Aegean

Maxion İnci Rim Group, a joint sharing of İnci Holding and world's largest rim manufacturer Maxion Wheels, left a footprint on export in the sector. In 6 months of 2018, Maxion İnci  Rim Group has exported nearly 75 percent of its production at its plants in Manisa to more than 50 countries, exporting close to 3.5 million rims equals to the value of 155 million dollars.

02 August 2018

Maxion İnci Rim Group, which produces rims in Manisa for world car brands, has left a footprint in sector in terms of export. Total amount of investment in recent 6 years by the affiliate companies of Inci holding and the world's largest rim manufacturer Brasilian Maxion Wheels reached to $ 150 million and companies continue investing. Maxion İnci Rim Group, which approached 300 million dollars in total exports in 2017, exports 75% of its products to more than 50 countries.

Mustafa Zaim, President of the Executive Board of of Maxion İnci and Maxion Jantaş, made an assessment on first six months of 2018 and said, “As one of Europe's largest producers of wheel rims with the widest range of products in a single location, our employment in our factories in Manisa is constantly increasing and we have produced more than 10 million rims in recent year with about 1,700 employee. The total exports of Maxion Jantaş and Maxion İnci companies in 2017 were about 300 million dollars. We will continue to grow in 2018 as well. We continue to invest with confidence in our country and its people.”

Underling that  Maxion İnci Rim Group as the rising value of Aegean will continue to provide high benefit to country’s economy, Zaim continued as follows; “In the first first six months of 2018 we exported approximately 3.5 million rims and made export about 155 million dollars. We continue to produce for our region and Turkey, with the liability and consciousness of being one of the pioneers of export of Aegean in our sector. We will not compromise on the disciplined and solution-oriented way of working in order to preserve high level of customer satisfaction we achieved with our products which we send to all corners of the world. We continue to invest with confidence in our country and people. We are confidently moving towards our goal of realizing $ 310 million exports this year.”