İnci Akü Launches Latest Superior Performance Product Maxim A at Automechanika Istanbul

İnci Akü Launches Latest Superior Performance Product Maxim A at Automechanika Istanbul

Japanese technology now makes İnci Akü much more energetic and much more powerful.


18 April 2019

Automechanika Istanbul, one of the most prestigious automotive trade shows in Turkey and Europe, runs 4-7 April at the TÜYAP Fair and Congress Centre. Already at the heart of fifty million vehicles, İnci Akü launches its new superior performance product Maxim A in the conventional product range at Automechanika Istanbul, alongside a series of new product ranges.

Automechanika Istanbul, which brings together prominent companies in the automotive and automotive supply industries, was opened on 4 April at the TÜYAP Fair and Congress Centre and ran until the 7th. İnci Akü, the flagship brand of İnci GS Yuasa, a joint venture between İnci Holding and the Japanese battery giant GS Yuasa, launches its latest product, the Maxim A, to potential customers and leaders in the sector. With two times more cycle life and a 20% higher cold cranking power, the Maxim A is a superior performance addition to the conventional product range. İnci Akü’s bespoke stand exhibited its new image and the refreshed vehicle battery ranges in both the conventional and start/stop series, proving its leadership in technology, manufacturing expertise and innovative approach.

TL40 million invested in R&D in three years

Approximately 2% of turnover is reserved for Research and Development each year, İnci GS Yuasa’s Managing Director Cihan Elbirlik explained, and stated that around TL40 million had been invested in R&D in the past three years: ‘As the technology leader in our industry, our investment in R&D continues unabated. We direct 50% of the TL250 million investment targeted for the fourth year of our partnership to technology.’

Elbirlik continued, ‘I am proud to present today our new product series. Thanks to the power of our Japanese partners, our factory scheduled for opening soon, latest technology and our energy, which is just as high as it was on our first day, İnci Akü supplies energy to millions of vehicles all over the world. Our latest product Maxim A and the new İnci Akü series are the first fruits of our drive to become the most reliable manufacturer in this industry; we produce using advanced technology, which is also transferred, and develop solution oriented projects for the world’s energy storage problem. Our new, more powerful performance products with more energetic designs will soon be available on the shelves.’ 

Export to over 80 countries in six continents

Stating, ‘Our original excitement and enthusiasm remains as fresh as it was on the first day to merit our title Energy Expert of the World, even now, in our 34th year,’ Elbirlik continued, ‘As a company that exports to over 80 countries in six continents and takes place in the hearts of fifty million vehicles, we produce solutions both for future vehicle technologies and today’s rapidly changing needs. We intend to remain as the preferred address in energy storage, for Turkey, first of all, and the whole world too.’