İnci Holding has planted 90 thousand seedlings in 23 years

İnci Holding has planted 90 thousand seedlings in 23 years

20 May 2019

İnci Holding keeps its environmental awareness on the agenda. The Holding held its traditional Cevdet İnci Commemoration and Tree Planting Ceremony in Özdere, İzmir, in cooperation with Aegean Forest Foundation. Planting over 90 thousand seedlings in 23 years together with Aegean Forest Foundation, İnci Holding keeps greening the Aegean.

The seedling planting event was held within the scope of Cevdet İnci Commemoration and Tree Planting Ceremony in memory of Cevdet İnci, the founder of İnci Holding. Neşe Gök, Chairman of the Board of İnci Holding, made statements during the planting of seedlings in Özdere on Saturday, May 18, and said that they as İnci Holding are proud to traditionally commemorate Cevdet İnci by planting seedlings.

2000 new seedlings planted

The commemoration event of Cevdet İnci was organized with the participation of the employees after the number of seedlings planted by İnci Holding in cooperation with the Aegean Forest Foundation exceeded 90 thousand. Chairman of the Board of Directors of İnci Holding, Neşe Gök, made a speech during the event. "Today is an important day for us. We are one step closer to the 100 thousand trees that we aim to plant to leave a greener and more beautiful İzmir to our children. We will continue to live the memory of our Founding and Honorary President Cevdet İnci with 2000 seedlings we will plant. The seedlings we have planted for the last two years will under Göktur Children's Education and Art Village Project. Our greatest motivation is to leave a green İzmir to our children who are the guarantee of our future. In the near future, we will bring children together with art and nature as part of this project. We will prepare our children for the future with education in an environment that is surrounded by nature," she said.

Neşe Gök also stated that their aim is to leave an economically more powerful Turkey and a country that has solved its environmental problems to future generations and reminded that they are one step closer to the targeted 100 thousand trees with an awareness of social responsibility.

General Manager of the Aegean Forest Foundation, Metin Gençol, presented a plaque by thanking İnci Holding for planting 90 thousand seedlings by supporting the Foundation's afforestation efforts sustainably for 23 years.