ISMART Design Center Awaits Entrepreneurs

ISMART Design Center Awaits Entrepreneurs

31 July 2019

ISM Minibar, one of the pioneers of the hospitality sector, which is part of İnci Holding, aims to offer new products and projects to the sector and to host entrepreneurs who want to develop their projects with the ISMART Design Center.

ISM Minibar, one of the companies of Turkey's well-established istitution, Inci Holding, has added a new one to its pioneering work in the hospitality sector. In addition to developing new products and projects, ISM Minibar opened the ISMART Design Center, which will bring together entrepreneurs who want to invest and realize their projects. Speaking at the opening of the center, İnci Holding Chairman Neşe Gök said; " As Inci Holding with the 67-year long history of serving to Turkey's economy and the development; We continue to produce value added works and to make growth and investment plans in all of our subsidiaries. ISM Minibar, our leading subsidiary in the hospitality sector, is pioneering an important step for the growth of both our company and the sector with its new investment ISMART Design Center. ISMART is an investment beyond time for us as well as a concrete indication that we are already taking steps towards future business areas. Today, we have reached a position where we export 70% of the products we produce in our ISM Minibar company, and we will carry this momentum we have achieved in technology and quality to higher levels".

Niyazi Şencan, General Manager of ISM Minibar, emphasizing that the ISMART Design Center is different from the ones performing standard engineering works said; " Our dreams about ISMART are huge. This will be a roof to host many entrepreneurs who want to invest and develop their projects. We will cooperate with all entrepreneurs who want to develop their projects, which will bring innovative sound in the hospitality sector, especially in the hotel room, and contribute to the development of projects within the framework of different business models. Thus, young and strong minds will be supported while our ISM brand will gain strength day by day".

Idea contest will be held

Şencan stating that they will organize an idea competition in Aegean and Mediterranean Regions in August, September and October in order to inform the entrepreneurs with innovative ideas from ISMART Design Center and to make them informed about the platforms where they can implement their projects quickly, said: “We aim to include many private institutions within the hospitality sector, especially universities and techno-cities, in the organization of this competition, where we will create a great synergy by bringing together entrepreneurs with the idea, and the main industry. As ISM Minibar, we are proud to present our new investment ISMART Design Center to the service of our sector. ISMART will add value to both our company and our country”.