Mother’s Day Message of President of Board of Directors

Mother’s Day Message of President of Board of Directors

23 June 2017

It was not such that; they were the women who are in trouble in some way that were exposed to violence or who were divorced or widow. As we knew in Turkish, they are “victim women”. Naturally, I fell in deep thoughts…  

Victimized, thought to be victimized , victim women… 

Woman protects, loves, creates, delivers, looks after and grows up, she is “Mother”.  Her nature is peaceful but she is also a good fighter. She is not only mother for her children but also for anything she touches. She makes peace when necessary but also fights when needed to give up her life. She accepts or forced to accept to be victimized in order to protect. She is supposed to give up if she is victimized, when her wings are clipped. 

Woman is phoenix; she has the capacity to born again from her ashes. 

Especially if the woman is a “mother” then you may have her to experience all kinds of victimhood, she would find some way to fight to live, to have others live, to create, to protect and to stand.  

This year when I am celebrating Mothers’ Day without my mother but as a mother myself, I am saying that let us prevent all mothers, all children to learn either culture of victimization or being victimized, we should not be the examples of victimhood. We have to do everything to prevent them taught about victimization as women and mothers.

I am celebrating Mothers’ Day of all women who have that special love in heart by experiencing the miracle of being “mother”.