New Environmentalist Office in Izmir for Yusen İnci Logistics

New Environmentalist Office in Izmir for Yusen İnci Logistics

23 September 2019

Yusen İnci Logistics, which provides national and international logistics services, supply chain solutions, and supply chain consultancy services to İnci Holding, expands its organisation with a new environmentalist office in Izmir.

Yusen İnci Logistics, which generally provides sea-, land- and air transport and warehousing services between the Far East, Europe, Middle East, Africa, America, and Turkey, opens its new environmentalist office in Izmir Bayraklı.

The opening at the Novus Tower was attended by the Boards of Directors of Yusen İnci Logistics and İnci Holding. State-of-the-art technology was used in the design with outstanding social areas and colourful meeting rooms for the office housing 60 staff.

Targets exceeded before the final quarter of 2019

At the opening, Yusen İnci Logistics Managing Director Hakan Meriç said, ‘We have already exceeded our targets for 2019 before even entering the final quarter. We aim to close 2019 with strong growth figures. We are working on major investment plans in Turkey and continue to grow with confident steps thanks to the power of the Japanese logistics giant Yusen Logistics.’

In addition to international sea-, land- and air transport and warehousing services, Yusen İnci Logistics also provides management and engineering consultancy services on improving supply processes, and forming and implementing new supply chain processes.

Founded by İnci Holding in 1998, İnci Logistics merged with Yusen Logistics Turkey, a subsidiary of the global giant Yusen Logistics, to form Yusen İnci Logistics in April 2017.