“Quality Award” to Maxion İnci Çelik by Toyota Europe

“Quality Award” to Maxion İnci Çelik by Toyota Europe

19 June 2017

Maixon İnci Çelik, one of the most significant wheel suppliers of global automotive industry was rewarded by Toyota Europe, one of the customers of OEM. During “Annual Sub-Industry Meetings” conducted in Brussels in 19 March 2013 Maxion Çelik was awarded with the success prize due to its 2012 performance regarding quality. Maxion İnci which was established in 1992 and has totally 4,7 million steel wheel production capacity, shipped 5 millions wheel  to Toyota plants  between 1997-2012 years. HL İnci Çelik, planning to ship 200 thousands wheel  to Adapazarı Plant of Toyota during 2013,  is continuing operations as steel wheel plant having the highest production capacity. Maxion İnci Çelik also shipping wheels to Neckarsülm, Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg plants of Audi in Germany is also entitled to receive “Quality Reward” of Audi with its 2012 year performance.

Maxion İnci Çelik, the partnership of İnci Holding which is the leader of Turkish wheel  sector and Maxion Wheels Group which is the biggest global wheel producer is awarded  with the success prize due to its 2012 performance regarding quality Maxion İnci Çelik received the prize during  the “Annual Sub-Industry Meeting” which was attended by all sub-industries suppliers of Toyota from England, France and Turkey. In the meeting held in Brussels headquarters of Toyota both the results of 2012 was evaluated and the expectations of sub-industrialists are discussed for 2013. In addition, successful sub-industrialists according to the performance of 2012 year were rewarded by Toyota. Maxion İnci Çelik which was awarded with the prize of “Project Management” previously by Toyota Europe became the owner of “Quality Reward” with its 2012 production performance. “Maxion İnci Çelik” exporting steel wheel to important OEM customers from 5 continents is protecting its leadership in the sector as the steel wheel plant in the world capable of production with the widest dimension range under single roof both for automobiles and light commercial vehicles.

Maxion İnci Çelik has now registered its success with the prize granted by Toyota which is one of the biggest automotive manufacturers of the world and one OEM whose quality philosophy was recognized by the world.

Mustafa Zaim, President of Maxion Jantaş and Maxion İnci saying: “This reward we have received from Toyota, our OEM customer and Japan manufacturer that proved itself with uncompromising quality understanding established worldwide has evidenced once more that we are taking right steps about quality” added “We are working with Adapazarı Factory of Toyota since 1997 as Maxion İnci. We, Maxion İnci, are also supplying parts to England and South Africa factories of Toyota from our facility located in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone. Sum of the rims we have shipped to Toyota factories between 1997-2012 years has exceeded 5 million units. Again, we are planning to ship 200 thousands of rim to Adapazarı factory of Toyota with whom we are working since 1997 as “Single Sheet Rim Supplier”.

One more Quality Prize to Maxion İnci from Audi…
Maxion İnci was entitled to receive “Quality prize” from Audi with its 2012 performance. The plant, shipping 2,3 millions wheel to Audi since 2001 is targeting to ship 600 thousands wheel this year. Maxion İnci is also sending wheels to Neckarsülm, Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg factories of Audi in Germany.