The 5th Wheel Plant from Maxion İnci

The 5th Wheel Plant from Maxion İnci

04 June 2019

Maxion İnci Wheel Group, the subsidiary of the world’s largest wheel manufacturer Maxion Wheels and İnci Holding, broke ground on its new plant. Maxion İnci Wheel Group will have deployed its 5th plant, after the plant becomes operational upon the planned completion in 2020. Export and employment will grow significantly in the region through this new investment.

Maxion İnci Wheel Group, the single-location wheel manufacturer with the widest product range in Europe, broke ground on its new wheel plant in Manisa. The 5th plant of Maxion İnci Wheel Group will cover an area of 21 thousand square meters. Intended to contribute to regional employment through this new investment, the plant will be used as an administrative building, as well, in addition to production and storing activities. Also aimed at increasing the Group’s wheel production capacity and product range, the plant is planned to be deployed in 2020.

Mustafa Zaim: We successfully represent our country in the global automotive industry. Our power and impact in the global markets expand continuously.

Speaking in the groundbreaking ceremony, Mustafa Zaim, Chairman of the Board of Maxion İnci and Maxion Jantaş, said: “At Maxion İnci Wheel Group, one of the largest wheel manufacturing facilities in Europe, we export to over 60 countries spanning 5 continents, which account for 80% of our turnover. Our wheels turn in over 60 countries, and we are proud of this picture. Propelled by the confidence and pride of concluding yet another year teeming with achievements, we keep taking firm steps as the leaders of our sector. Maxion İnci Wheel Group is today undertaking a new and a very important investment for us, at quite a critical time”.

Zaim added: “Our partnership is further reinforced with the investment in this 5th plant the grounds of which we are breaking today. I firmly believe that we will add new achievements to our existing ones after our new plant becomes operational.

We make investments and will continue to do so, driven by the power we derive from our products sent to all over the world and from our partners Maxion Wheels and İnci Holding, as well as the trust we have for our country. We will make a difference with our determined ventures into innovation and Industry 4.0. As we maintain our successful financial and operational performance, we will contribute significantly to the employment rates in our country, through our new investments and growing capacity utilization rates. We are also glad that we will be able to generate further added value on behalf of our country through our increasing exports. This investment is the proof of the faith in our country, the people of our country and all our efforts. I wish our new investment produces fruitful results for, first and foremost our country, and for all our stakeholders.”