The founder of İnci Holding commemorates Cevdet İnci

The founder of İnci Holding commemorates Cevdet İnci

The managers and employees of İnci Holding, one of Turkey's well established companies, met at Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center for the 20th Commemoration for Cevdet İnci and Honor Night.

27 December 2018

The managers and employees of İnci Holding, which serves in the automotive supply industry for 66 years, came together again for the traditional Commemoration for Cevdet İnci and Honor Night. During the night, organized at Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center, ‘Cevdet İnci Incentive Awards’ were distributed for the 14th time and ‘Social Message Competition’ was held for the 20th time. Starting with a cocktail, the night continued with the laser poi show prepared by Doksirk team with the vision symbols of İnci Holding.

Neşe Gök, Chairman of İnci Holding, made the opening speech of the ceremony, saying: “Together with you, I would like to commemorate, with respect and love, my late grandfather Cevdet İnci, who laid the foundation of our holding, which became a world brand with its experience of 66 years after coming out of the Aegean Region and transcending the oceans, developed it step by step and delivered to us. This year, we renewed our vision for the future in line with world trends, depending on the legacy of the past. With our new vision, which we renewed as ‘We transfer the company to new generations by enhancing its value with international investments in future business sectors’, we have so much to do for our country as the ‘Pearl’ of the Aegean, and as İnci Holding of Turkey.”

İnci Holding’s 2019 social message was determined

She also announced the winning message of the “Social Message” competition, which has been held since 2000 with the participation of the employees who have protected the values entrusted to the next generations by Cevdet İnci, the founder of İnci Holding. The 2019 social message, which was determined as “We are committed to our values, respectful of the process, focused on results”, will be used in all written materials such as letterhead, presentation, catalog and communication tools like e-mail signature, web site of the holding during the year 2019.

‘Cevdet İnci Incentive Awards’ found their owners for the 14th time

“Cevdet İnci Incentive Awards”, which was initiated by its founder Cevdet İnci and organized for 14 years to increase the in-house entrepreneurship, found their owners during the ceremony. In the competition organized in 4 different categories, the jury evaluated 15 different project proposals from categories of production, service, R&D and innovation. Incentive awards were followed by ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ award, which was held with the aim of zero work accidents. Award ceremonies continued with ‘Internal Audit Performance Awards’ that expanded awareness on audit processes. Then it ended with the presentation of ‘Internal Educator Awards’, which were determined by İnci Academy.

The company’s employees, who took the fatigue of the year with comedian Kaan Sekban's stand-up show, ended 2018 with enthusiasm also together with the communication of the new vision.