President's Message

The question of "What is the biggest mystery in life that you find the most interesting?" was asked by the renowned physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking in the past few months.

Do you know how Stephen Hawking replied to this question? Stephen Hawking, the brightest physicist in the world after Einstein, one of the few scientists who works on fundamental principals of the universe, shattering the science world with his theories on quantum physics and black holes, having 12 international honor awards and countless awards and medals, answered: "I have a doctorate in physics. I have produced theories that will enlighten the secrets of the universe. However, despite all these, for me the most mysterious thing is the women. I think, we can solve the universe but never the women..."

When I first read this news, I could not keep thinking my grandfather Cevdet İnci crowning this big trouble even Stephen Hawking "cannot solve."
I have born into a family founded on equality, and justice in a region where being a woman is not privileged or discriminated. When my grandfather took the journey from a small business to a holding of 2 thousand 500 employees, always women were by his side. First of all, a family which my deceased grandmother Memnune Inci never kept her hands off... As most of you know... 5 daughters born into the business... I have grown by listening to the stories of each of my aunts sweating blood blended into the dough of Inci Holding and watching them work tirelessly. In the meantime, I have also witnessed them holding the hand of my Grandfather, standing shoulder to shoulder and taking his burden. They were always on the side of my Grandfather, always up front, both of victory and loss.

So to say, the position my grandfather Cevdet İnci, surrounded by women both at home and at work, had reached with the women he shared his life with is without a doubt sublime for both İnci family and the Turkish economy.

Today, I am here as a part of the evolution story of a humble company founded from scratch by an entrepreneur from Aydın turning into a holding in 65 years that made its name memorized by global automotive industry. In this story, there is a woman in every single line. With my presidency, the second generation era under the leadership of my aunts whom taken over the company from the first generation and managed it with outstanding performances is closed. Without a doubt, there is no need to tell about them and list the values they added one by one. As a member of this family, you already know, they are the daughters of Cevdet İnci... Now, third generation takes over the flag.

I also would like to thank the husbands of my aunts, my uncles, who took on responsibility with great modesty when needed, and lead the way with their experience and knowledge at each critical juncture, and the men in my life, my father, my husband and my son one by one. Because, Inci Family existed by them. I know, as they have already been by my side when I need them, they will also light my way on this journey as well.

As the first third-generation president of Inci Holding, I am taking over a historical responsibility. I am aware that, I am very lucky. First of all, I am raised by my grandfather Cevdet İnci’s experiences, and I had the opportunity to work with him... Second, all second generation Board President, who rode out many storms and always docked to a safe port during the 20 years of my career in İnci Holding, of which eight years as a board member. The experience of the past is with me. Therefore, I am feeling safe.

Today İnci Holding is operating in automotive sub-industry with its battery and wheel rim manufacture as well as Logistics and hotel equipment industries.  In the last 10 years, we have grown by 13 percent each year, and we are heading towards our goals for 2023 with firm steps.

We are continuing to grown and improve with our reliable global leader partners in their sectors; Brasilian Maxion in the wheel rim, Japanese GS YUASA in the battery and Japanese Yusen in logistics. As our successful partnerships in the past with American, German, French and Italian companies are considered; we can easily say that we have become an expert on being a trustworthy partner of global companies.

When we look at the past 65 years of Inci Holding, if we use our capability to adapt to the different cultures and our courage to cooperate with them, we not only achieve successful businesses but also sign our name in the industry. In short, we can call them as the benefits of being open to innovation and change.

My grandfather Cevdet İnci used to love the sea. His picture than at the helm of this boat staring at the horizon was the cover of the book telling his life story.

I always think of Inci Holding as a large ship sailing in the ocean. A large ship my grandfather carried today by crashing the giant waves. Now i took the helm. I accept this duty with excitement, happiness, pride and most of all with profound respect.

With respect to the labor, experience, and knowledge of 65 years; respect to this family, to my country, and to the world...
In 2016, the year I take over this duty, our theme is "we respect" in this manner. Our message is, "Respect is caring in communication, trust in relationships." 
The first rule of being a captain is respect. You can be successful only if you show respect to the sea, the wind, and nature.
I sincerely believe that I will be successful with the power I got from the culture of Inci Holding. 

May God speed us, may the wind blow. Full speed ahead...


Neşe GÖK 
İnci Holding A.Ş.