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Rhombus is a US technology company focusing on advanced charging systems for electric vehicle fleets and power storage, adds another one to its investments in technology. Rhombus develops and manufactures next-generation bi-directional electric vehicle charging infrastructure, high-efficiency power conversion systems and energy management system (EMS) software for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capable electric vehicle fleet charging, energy storage and microgrid applications. The high reliability of its solutions is the result of decades of experience developing high-power systems for a variety of applications and deployment scenarios, including UL-1741-SA system-to-grid solutions. Transforming into opportunity the failure of existing power grids to support the charging requirements of electric vehicle fleets, the company anticipates further growth in the near future to match the expected rise in the electric vehicle market.

USA Headquarters - San Diego - Design Engineering and Sales

10915 Technology Place
San Diego, CA 92127

(888) 978-6564

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