The foundation for today’s İnci Holding was laid in 1952 when Cevdet İnci founded İncitaş. In 1968, through hard work, dedication and resolve, he paved the way for an unimaginably large-scale wheel manufacture facility for the time: Jant Sanayii Adi Komandit Şirketi, his first partnership, used a large press to produce wheel bodies.

The first wheels were produced by inserting hubs into the rims imported from Germany. By the middle of 1968, Jant Sanayii had advanced to a stage where it could manufacture both wheels and hubs.

The rolling machine developed by Cevdet İnci in his own workshop is used in the manufacture of wheel drums. This was a period when he tackled and overcame a number of obstacles to move from trading in tyres and automotive spare parts to manufacturing.

The steady expansion of his manufacturing business led to the establishment of Jantaş, one of the first corner stones of the newly emerging wheel industry in Turkey. The company received its first patent in 1979. Thanks to its high quality standards and encouraged by its continuing growth trend, Jantaş started exporting in the same year. Its successful performance gained new momentum with the establishment of Cidaş and ensured Jantaş’s place in the global market.

These achievements led to a cooperation in 1992 with the German Lemmerz Group, a leading global player in this sector. This harmonious partnership was transformed into the joint venture Lemmerz İnci Jant Sanayii A.Ş. a year later.

When American Hayes Group acquired Lemmerz in 1997, the companies were renamed as Hayes Lemmerz Jantaş and Hayes Lemmerz İnci. The capital of Turkish Inci Holding in these companies was fixed as 40%.

Hayes Lemmerz Jantaş started to export 70% of its production in 2000, becoming the most preferred supplier in Europe. The first export to Japan automotive industry was made in 2006.

In 2005, Hayes Lemmerz İnci decided to produce aluminum wheels for passenger and light commercial vehicles in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone. Production was launched in 2006, under the name of Hayes Lemmerz İnci Aluminum.

Brazilian Maxion Wheels acquired Hayes Lemmerz in 2012. And the second wheel plant of Maxion İnci Aluminum also opened in 2012.

In 1997, through the acquisition of the European leader Lemmerz by the world leader in wheel production Hayes, Turkey became a global manufacturing centre for high-quality wheels.

Motivated by the success in wheel manufacturing, İnci invested in car batteries. The brand name İnci meaning pearl, represents a spiritual value held dear by the İnci family. Manufactured to global quality standards, İnci batteries would symbolise Cevdet İnci’s legacy of entrepreneurial success.

The first factory was established in 1984 in the Manisa Organised Industrial Park. In 1985 a know-how agreement with Baren equipped the factory with the latest technology.

İnci Akü’s manufacturing was guided by a vision of creating a global brand. A partnership in 1993 with Ceac, the biggest name in this field in Europe, was the first step towards globalisation. Two years later, world leader in car batteries Exide acquired Ceac, propelling İnci Akü onto world markets.

Bolstered by advanced technology, İnci Akü’s success story continues to 2015.

As one of the flagship companies of the İnci Holding, İnci Akü’s accomplishments were awarded again in 2015 when the company went into a partnership with the Japanese giant GS Yuasa which brought in its global experience and technological know-how about the new generation of batteries. Since then the company operates under the commercial title of İnci GS Yuasa Akü Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

İnci GS Yuasa Akü Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has 3 plants in Manisa and a Central Sales & Marketing Office in İstanbul. The 2nd plant in Manisa which became operational in 2011 is the first plant in Turkey to operate under a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certificate. With the inclusion of the 3rd plant in April 2019, İnci GS Yuasa has become the biggest battery manufacturer in the Turkish automotive industry.

Running its business under the brand names of İnci Akü, Yuasa, EAS, Hugel, Blizzaro, GS and İnci Battery the company has a total of 80 core dealers with 200 Energy Experts and a total of 3,500 point-of-sale and 300 authorized service centers in order to meet the needs of its customers across the country. With its strong overseas distribution network the company is exporting its products to more than 80 countries across 6 continents.

The holding is a 100% Turkish capital concern that is dedicated to the principle of giving back to society what society has provided. Its industrial activities make İnci Holding exemplifies the progress of the Turkish economy. The path that began 69 years ago with the manufacture of automotive spare parts and graduated 50 years ago into the production of wheels has led to the establishment of İnci Holding, a group of 10 companies with a total of 3,000 employees. İNCİ HOLDİNG today operates mainly in the automotive supply industry, also service, technology sectors and social responsibility fields and exports 63 percent of its products to more than 100 countries.

Over the last ten years the holding has achieved an average annual growth of 20%. İnci Holding, a family company managed with corporate governance principles, continues its development with its contributions to the Turkish economy The value it creates has contributed to the advancement of Turkey, and will continue to do so.