Gok: The future belongs to us

Gok: The future belongs to us

23 December 2019

Managers and employees of the venerable Turkish institution İnci Holding gathered at the Izmir Arena for the Cevdet İnci Commemoration and Honours Night. Speaking at the event President Neşe Gök said, ‘We are striding confidently from a proud past towards a secure future. This is a time when we have to work even harder and produce even more for our country.’  

The managers and employees of İnci Holding, which has been serving the automotive supply industry for 67 years, gathered again for the traditional Cevdet İnci Commemoration and Honours Night. The event organised at Izmir Arena hosted the 15th Cevdet İnci Incentive Awards and the Social Message Contest. The opening speech was given by Neşe Gök, whose role as President has been extended to 2024. Stating that 2019 had been a year of accomplishments, Gök defined 2020 as a time of steady focus on strategic growth targets.

‘We have much further to go.’

Highlighting the İnci Holding family’s focus on continuing to create added value, as well as make growth and investment plans for all their businesses, she said, ‘We continue on our way with a renewed vision: “The Future Belongs to Us.” We are striding confidently from a proud past towards a secure future. We live behind 2019, a year of accomplishments where exports now account for 65% of our production, and we reach over 100 countries. A third factory has been commissioned for İnci GS Yuasa, our joint venture with Japanese partners, which continues to grow. Together with our Brazilian partners, we have laid the foundations of our fifth wheel factory. Those foundations were formed with love and dedication to our work. In Izmir’s Bayraklı district, we have opened a fifth office for our joint venture Yusen İnci Logistics, an international service provider. The ISMART Design Centre at our leading hospitality and hotel equipment business ISM Minibar is now live. We have also invested, through our venture capital company Vinci, which was founded at the end of 2018, in three early stage technology businesses involved with mobility, supply chain, energy management/storage and Industry 4.0.’

‘Our intention for the coming year is to invest in sectors with a growth potential on foreign markets in order to extend the İnci Holding brand beyond the borders of our country, and that is in addition to targeted growth in all present areas of operation. Global investments in technology that will move us forward will continue. This is a time when we have to work even harder and produce even more for our country. There are many more accomplishments awaiting us, and much further to go.’

Choosing İnci Holding’s 2020 social message

The winner was announced of the Social Message competition, held since 2000 with the participation of employees who uphold the values entrusted to future generations by Cevdet İnci. The 2020 social message, ‘We direct the future by reinforcing our knowledge with technology’ will be used in all printed materials such as letterheads, presentations, catalogues and communication tools like e-mail signatures, as well as the Holding’s website throughout the year.

The Cevdet İnci Incentive Awards find their owners

The Cevdet İnci Incentive Awards, initiated by founder Cevdet İnci and organised for the past 15 years to encourage entrepreneurship in house, were also given out during the ceremony. The jury assessed 18 project proposals and awarded seven prizes.

The party ended with a concert by Aydok Moralıoğlu and Orchestra.