Inci Holding's 2021 plan: Growth, Manufacturing, Investment

Inci Holding's 2021 plan: Growth, Manufacturing, Investment

İnci Holding, one of Turkey's established companies, set a two-digit strong growth target in 2021 after 2020, when it closed with successful business results. Neşe Gök, who is Chairman of the Board of Directors of İnci Holding Chairman, stating that they have created added value for Turkey's economy for 69 years, said, "In the new period, we will implement capacity-building, product and service development projects in our current fields of activity with caution. Our investments in the future business areas will continue. "

09 February 2021

İnci Holding, opened from Aegean to the world with 10 companies and 3,000 employees, plans to continue by increasing the growth trend in 2021. İnci Holding, closed 2020 in the shadow of the pandemic with growth in group companies with an agile management approach, maintains its cautious optimism for this year and makes its growth plans within this framework.

Neşe Gök, Chairman of the Board of Directors of İnci Holding, announced that they have determined this year's business strategies as an investment in growth and future business areas in their current fields of activity. Gök said, "In 2020, we acted in a coordinated and agile management approach in our entire group to reduce the negative effects of the pandemic process and to focus on the opportunities brought by the crisis. In this challenging year, we have maintained our employment by prioritizing the health and job security of our employees and continued our cash and profit-oriented growth. We anticipate that we will achieve successful business results in 2021 with all our measures. "

We anticipate growth

Stating that production and exports continue at full speed in group companies, Gök stated that in 2021, they made the business plan in a way that predicts growth by maintaining the cash and profit focus in all areas where they operate. "We export 60 percent of our total production to more than 100 countries on six continents. We deliver the wheels, batteries and minibars we produce from the Aegean to the world and provide logistics services to many countries. Although we anticipate a temporary contraction in our target markets in the first quarter of 2021, we think that there will be recovery from the second quarter of 2021 in proportion to the spread and effects of vaccines. "

We focused on opportunities

Gök stating that they foresee that 2021 will be a better year in both the automotive and logistics sectors, said “As İnci Group, we focus not only on risks but also on opportunities. Europe is looking for new resources to reduce its supply risk from Asia along with the pandemic process. In this regard, we have made a planning that will prioritize our product and service development projects with capacity increase in automotive and logistics sectors. Since the tourism sector is not expected to reach 2019 level before 2023, we think that we will experience the most challenging recovery in this sector. In our ISM Minibar company, which serves in this sector and produces hotel equipment in many chain hotels, we make the service and product palette to expand to different sectors by predicting that the process of assembling our game plans will be longer. "

We will take advantage of investment opportunities

Gök also said that they received the power from global partnerships in their current fields of activity. "This year, we will implement capacity-building, product and service development projects that we foresee in our current fields of activity. We also see investment opportunities in new areas where we can create synergies with our existing fields of activity, especially in Europe, as another priority area. In line with our vision and strategy, we will continue to demonstrate a strong performance in areas such as Industry 4.0 and digital transformation with the global partnerships we carry out in our main fields of activity. "

Inci Holding's venture capital fund Vinci also added the sixth company to its portfolio in the first month of this year with sanctions investment in ShipsGo. Gök said, "With the power we gained from our experience with Vinci, we made our first direct technology investment as a holding company in September last year to the US-based Rhombus company, standing out with its expertise in the field of high-power smart inverters and chargers designed for electric vehicles. We find the integration of our companies in our fields of activity with the direct technology investments of the ecosystem and holding in which Vinci is involved very important in terms of the potential value it will create. "