Maxion İnci Wheel Group makes an investment of 250 million TRY in a new plant in Manisa

Maxion İnci Wheel Group makes an investment of 250 million TRY in a new plant in Manisa

17 March 2021

Maxion İnci Wheel Group, a subsidiary of İnci Holding and Maxion Wheels, the world’s largest wheel manufacturer, makes an investment of 250 million TRY in a new plant in order to increase its heavy and commercial vehicle wheel production capacity. The construction and infrastructure works of the new heavy and commercial vehicle wheel production plant have been completed. With its indoor area of 18,000 sq. meters and its total area of 21,000 sq. meters, the new plant is the 5th plant of Maxion İnci Wheel Group in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone. The new plant will officially start its operations in 2022 and employ 80 people initially. With the new employees, the total number of employees of Maxion İnci Wheel Group will reach 1800. This investment will increase the tubeless wheel production capacity by 800,000, and the total heavy and commercial vehicle wheel production capacity will reach 3 million wheels. With the new investment, exports and employment will increase in Manisa. We aim to generate $60 million in additional sales and $50 million in additional exports thanks to the new investment.

Stating that Maxion İnci Wheel Group, which has one of the largest wheel production complexes in Europe, exports to more than 60 countries on 5 continents, Mustafa Zaim, Chairperson of Maxion İnci and Maxion Jantaş, said, “We take pride in our current production, employment, and export numbers. We continue to invest in the future of Turkey with our investment of 250 million TRY in our new plant, which was built in order to meet the growing export demand, especially in the European and US markets. We will increase our annual wheel production capacity to approximately 13 million with our new investment, which is our 5th plant in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone and 2nd plant in the production of heavy and commercial vehicle wheels. As the largest heavy and commercial vehicle wheel manufacturer in Europe, Africa, and the Near East, we will strengthen our leading position in the European, US, African, and Near Eastern markets by generating $50 million in additional exports thanks to our new investment.”

Our new plant will be a state-of-the-art and highly-automated facility in line with our “Smart Plants” objective and Industry 4.0 practices.

Stressing that the new plant will play a major role in the development of Manisa, the Aegean Region, and especially the Turkish economy, Zaim said, “In our 5th plant, we will manufacture and export wheels of a new size called tubeless wheels. I am proud that we are increasing our exports and thus our contribution to the Turkish economy while also strengthening our position in Global markets by increasing our capacity with our new plant.”

Underlining the smart plants strategy that they have implemented in their existing production facilities, Zaim said, “We continue our efforts as a pioneer of digital transformation in the plants of Maxion İnci Wheel Group. We are developing our future strategies and all our workflows to support our ‘Smart Plants’ objective. As part of our digital transformation project, we are integrating Industry 4.0 technologies and robots with our existing machinery. We continue to focus our efforts on completing this transformation in all our plants by 2025. We have made significant progress in promoting the culture of innovation in our businesses and started to reap the fruits of this great effort. Our operations in Turkey have reached a significant level in terms of innovation, flexibility, speed, and agility within the global organization.”

A state-of-the-art paint shop will be built

Maxion İnci Wheel Group, the single-location wheel manufacturer with the widest product range in Europe, will also build a new state-of-the-art paint shop with a painting capacity of 3 million wheels in its existing plant. In the paint shop, where the top coat will be applied by robots, many new technologies that will improve the paint quality of wheels will be used at full capacity by June.

Maxion İnci Wheel Group currently manufactures 10 million steel and aluminum wheels for passenger cars, light vehicles, and commercial vehicles per year. It generates $420 million annually from the sales of the wheels manufactured for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone.