Three İnci Holding Companies stay in the Top 500

Three İnci Holding Companies stay in the Top 500

Three İnci Holding subsidiaries keep İnci Holding on the Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises list announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry. Leader of the battery sector İnci GS Yuasa has jumped 24 places to rank 183, whilst wheel giants Maxion İnci and Maxion Jantaş rank 115 and 412, respectively.

24 July 2020

Three subsidiaries of Turkey’s venerable İnci Holding continue to feature on the annual ISO 500 list. İnci’s subsidiaries Maxion İnci, İnci GS Yuasa, and Maxion Jantaş, leaders in the battery and wheels sectors, have for the 14th year in a row reaffirmed their strength by ranking amongst Turkey’s top 500 industrial companies. At 115, Maxion İnci, the leading manufacturer of steel wheels for passenger- and light commercial vehicles, is amongst the top 200, as is İnci GS Yuasa; this battery market leader jumps 24 places to rise to 183. Innovative and competitive aluminium wheel manufacturer Maxion Jantaş ranks 412.

Expressing the company’s justifiable sense of pride in their contribution to the development of the Turkish economy, President of İnci Holding Neşe Gök says, ‘We first entered this list in 1996 with Jantaş. Later, in 2006, we were delighted to appear on the Top 500 with three İnci companies. Today, in our 68th year, with nine companies and three thousand employees, we are a major supplier in the automotive sector and a reliable partner for global giants. Over 70% of our output is exported to more than 100 countries: vehicles around the world, from the USA through to Germany, Russia and Venezuela run on wheels and batteries we manufacture in Manisa. We compete on international markets as well as function as a key supplier in the automotive sector, the driving force of the Turkish economy.’

Remarking on the İnci Group’s determination to add value to all their stakeholders as well as the Turkish economy, Gök adds, ‘We are delighted to have validated our manufacturing power in the automotive supply sector with these lists. Every single employee, manager and stakeholder has made a huge contribution to all our accomplishments. As a visionary group, we know the dynamics of the automotive supply sector. We shall continue to create added value for the Turkish economy.’