The Human Resources Approach

Inci Holding’s human resources system aims for employees to do their job in an environment of trust, fairness, and engagement so that they may attain common goals; it encourages the adoption of the corporate culture amongst members of this large İnci family.

We would like to be the company of choice for the most qualified human resources in our fields of activity.

  • Recruitment Diagram (interview / assessment centre / personality test / CV elimination)
  • Junior Pearls
  • Suggest A Candidate / Make A Difference
  • Undergraduate Pearls

We are a hardworking, social and sharing group who know how to take time off for fun.

  • New Year Welcome Evening
  • Social Clubs (Photography, Percussion, İnci Gourmets, Environment, Outdoor Sports and your recommendations)
  • Recognition Practices
  • Fun at Work
  • Intranet
  • E-bulletin
  • İnci’den Magazine

Synergy Meetings

“We believe in getting better! We are continuously enhancing, improving, and preparing ourselves and our processes for the future.

  • Recommendation System
  • Cevdet İnci Encouragement Awards
  • Performance Management System
  • Career Management and Backup